Saturday, April 16, 2011

Raw Food Workshops at Comsog

What? Raw Breakfast! Lunch! and dinner! No Cooking!Cindy Fitzgerald (right) preparing fettucini Alfredo with her daughter Jenny, who is starting to create noodles from zucchini.
Yes… and Raw Food Chef Cindy FitzGerald showed us HOW during her Introduction To Raw Foods Workshop.  The well-attended class consisted of demonstrations, and samplings of 6 extraordinary and jaw-dropping recipes using fresh organic fruits & vegetables, nuts, seeds and wholesome oils (no sugar, flour, dairy, eggs, meat, fish):
Breakfast: Fresh Strawberry, Almond Milk Shake
                      Pecan Porridge w/ fresh Almond milk
Lunch:   Mock Salmon Pate
                 Stuffed Portabella Mushroom Caps
Dinner: Fettuccine Alfredo (remember no flour!) w/Mock Parmesan Cheese (no dairy)
                 Chocolate Mousse     

By request another Introductory Raw Foods Workshop will be held on May 15th
Cost $15 non-refundable deposit + donation.

Look for more Living Raw on MV Workshops
     - Sponsored by COMSOG New York Ave, O.B.

Cindy’s next workshops will be taught on 3 progressively advancing levels (3 Classes each): 
Level I    -   Raw On The Run - Quick & Simple
Level II.  -  Living Raw - Sprouting & Germinating Recipes
Level III. -  Real Raw – Fermenting & Dehydrating Recipes    
For more information:
Contact Cindy FitzGerald –  508 696-7806