Saturday, May 14, 2011

Spring Plant Sale

The Spring Plant Sale is a Blooming Success

    The Volunteers have been very busy this year and the green house is spectacular. We still have lots of tomatoes ready to go and the cukes and zuchini will be ready by May 21st.  We have some herb boxes.  These are a really nice collection with calendula, chervil, lemon balm, thyme and garlic chives. There is also basil, dill, oregano, and cilantro available in 4" pots. A new addition is cutting celery.  This is a pungent spice and only a few sprigs can substitute for the flavor of a whole stalk.
    Calendula is also know as pot marigold and is one of the plants that is found in colonial gardens.  The flowers are good to eat and can be dried for tea.  But they are also a good addition for a flower bed.  They are long blooming and will reseed.  Lemon balm can also be used for tea and has a calming effect.  This year at Comsog you will find many of your favorite herbs.

     Happy shoppers have found many flowers.  We have portulaca, gazania, and geraniums.  These are great flowers for the Island's sandy soil as they are drought resistant.  We also have petunias, zinnias and cosmos.
     Volunteers are busy tending plants and helping shoppers find their plants.  If you have gardening questions please ask and if we have the answer we will be happy to share it with you.