Monday, October 21, 2019

Highlights of 2019

The Greenhouse has had a bountiful year.  The Spring Sale was hugely successful and we have about 130 members.  Many of these are new members.  

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The membership program is at the core of our success. Every year we teach gardeners how to be successful at growing their own gardens though hands on activities inside the greenhouse and in our own outside garden. 

There were two focuses this year.  We grew most of our plants from seeds this year.  We learned about the individual needs of each seedling in order to germinate.  We kept logs of how many seeds were started, how long the average germination period was, what the temperature  needs were, whether they needed light or darkness,  and any other specific needs such as stratification.  Members were responsible for making decisions about planting depth and the best location in the greenhouse for germination.
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Another focus this year was broadening our understanding of regenerative gardening.  We have been trying methods of natural pest control, no till gardening, worm towers and soil building.  We hatched three praying mantis ootheca (egg sacs).  It was astounding to watch the nymphs cascade down from the casing and scurry around the greenhouse.

We had a lot of community involvement this year. Students from the high school helped us prep our garden beds. Another student created a worm tower presentation for the Science Fair.  We had an Open House for Earth Day Open to the public and we taught a lesson on growing micro greens at home at the Oak Bluffs Council on Aging.

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Yearly Fund Raiser

Our volunteers have madly been planting, flowers and vegetables to delight your senses and fill your tummies.  Please stop and help us have another successful year of growing.

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

You are invited to an Open House at The Greenhouse,
114 New York Avenue
on Sunday, April 14, to celebrate Spring.
From 12:30-3:30
Spring flowers are blooming and that means the greenhouse is warm and green.  We have plenty of greens to pick and flowers to take home.  Our alyssum and pansies are outside hardening off and waiting to find a home.  We also have some perennial flowers and butterfly bush for those of us who can't wait to start planting.
Have you been learning about permaculture?  Come see our worm tower and the amazing plants that it has produced.  It is an old plastic tub and uses waste PVC for the tower. It makes an easy way to compost food waste like melon rinds and also composts paper and leaves.  The happy worms travel from the tower to the soil and fertilize the plants.