Sunday, March 6, 2011

Planting Parties

       When you enter the greenhouse this Wednesday, you will hear a lively chatter. You will also smell the delicious odor of Thalia's homemade soup.  We are planting geranium plugs for our Spring Sale.  We have red, pink, orange and purple geraniums that need to be put in 4" pots.  We also need to start our herb boxes.  We have been collecting clementine boxes that we will fill with herbs.  We have thyme, sage, garlic chives and greek oregano planted.  Basil needs to be seeded.  Bring any other ideas to the planting party.
      Soon to follow will be heirloom tomatoes.  I met with Chuck and Thalia to discuss the varieties and my mouth couldn't stop watering from the descriptions Thalia gave us.  We truly have a spectacular selection coming and I can't wait to start planting.
     Speaking of planting, Thalia started the greenhouse tomatoes.  We have Arbason and Trust and the little babies are coming up nicely.  I transplanted some into 4" pots today.  It was so warm in the greenhouse that I was in a tank top.  If you need a taste of sunshine and warmth as well as home made soup come to the greenhouse.  There is still a lot of lettuce and the nasturtiums are going crazy.
      Only 11 days to pea planting!  Has anyone tried to turn the soil yet?

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  1. Yes the planting partie are great fun & surely a sign of change in the weather. Spring is coming!!

    Right now the green house is full of life & has never looked better!!

    Thank you Comsog Angel!!