Monday, October 15, 2018

Come Celebrate
After a successful spring and summer season the greenhouse is greeting the fall with a pig roast fund raiser. We are inviting the community to join us. There will be good food and a silent auction. The greenhouse has much to celebrate.  We have a new poly roof, one new fan and 140 members. 

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Annual Spring Plant Sale

This past winter, the greenhouse crew was working hard to put together a bonanza of flowers and vegetables for our Vineyard Gardens.  Membership has been actively starting cuttings and seedlings and the greenhouse is bursting with color.  There are hanging baskets of every color, and  pots of flowers and greenery for window boxes.  Kale, lettuce, and tatsoi are hardened off and ready to plant and of course there are tomatoes.  There are 40 varieties of tomatoes this year.  We have heirloom and hybrid, determinate and indeterminate.  We have red, yellow, orange, and purple and of course everybody's favorite cherry tomato, Sungold.

Geraniums a greenhouse favorite are selling fast.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Fall Festivities

The Greenhouse is celebrating fall with a Pig Roast Dinner.
The pig was donated by Scapegoats Goatscaping and being prepared by Chef Deon.  This is truly a cooperative event that help us fundraise for a new roof.  The greenhouse is growing plenty of lettuce and other greens for a sample of our bountiful Greenhouse salads. 
We are also asking local community members to provide music and items for a silent auction.
Members are setting up and waiting tables.  Interested?  email:

Monday, May 2, 2016

Spring Plant Sale

It has been another amazing year of friendship and growing at the greenhouse.  And the members have been busier than ever.  We still have all the awesome tomatoes but we have new friendships blooming.  There are many new members and many new flowers, lantana and blue fan flower, cosmos and zinnia of various colors and heights, marigolds in yellow, orange and gold.
Members have been picking greens all winter; kale, swiss chard, frisee, lettuce and radishes have made many a delicious salad for working members to enjoy.  We have been meeting on Wednesdays and Saturdays at about 10:00.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Spring Plant Sale

Hillbilly Tomatoes waiting for a home !  Beautiful red, pink beefsteak streaked with yellow and orange.  This is just one of the many choices of heirloom tomatoes available.  Also there are hot and sweet peppers.  Jimmy Nardello, Yummy, and Alma Paprika are some of my favorites. 
The Spring Sale begins May 9th and lasts for the month. 
Everybody expects tomatoes, eggplants and peppers from the Greenhouse but this year we also have a great assortment of flowers and hanging baskets.  The members have been busy starting the tiny seeds and transplanting them into their pots where they wait for their final home.  On Wednesdays, the volunteers make soup and salad for lunch and share their plant knowledge.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Springtime in the Greenhouse

 The Ladies Have Arrived
This has been a tough year for aphids on the diplodenia.  We used several methods to control them.  Pruning, a hard spray of water and safer soap.  Now, it is all up to the lady bugs.  did you know that there are at least 200 kinds of aphids.  The ones on the diplodenia plants are orange.  Aphids reproduce sexually and asexually.  One female hatched in spring can produce thousands of decendants.  When a male is need they can change sex and produce eggs that can withstand winters harsh weather and if food gets scarce they grow wings and fly to a new plant. 
The greenhouse has been busy with volunteers starting pepper, tomato and eggplant seedlings.  the spring sale will begin the Saturday before Mother's Day May, 10th. 
We are also going to celebrate Earth Day with a festival on April 12th.  Come help us start squash and cukes or just peruse the plants and start planning your garden.  We will have paperwhites, violas and other flowers to buy and beans for the kiddies to start.