Saturday, November 13, 2010

Green Bean Eyes

Today in the greenhouse I was talking to Chuck McBride, the manager, and he said that he hadn't noticed how well the creeping phlox transplants were doing because he only looks to see if the soil is wet or dry.  I told him I know exactly what he means because I have "green bean eyes".  I can always find the beans that no none else sees, because I am looking for that specific shape.  I said, "That must mean you have "dry soil eyes".   Gee, "green bean eyes" sounds so much better. 
It made me start thinking about how much we miss in life if we put on our "green beans eyes".  Although I must admit they do serve a purpose, if you absolutely need to get a job done. 
Today I did some recycling.  It seems to be a job that nobody really enjoys doing.  Betsy Cabana is the group leader in this endeavor.  Many people now return their used 6 packs and 4 in. pots to the greenhouse.  If you do, we ask that you rinse them first.

There are some magnificant Streptocarpus baskets hanging.  So get on your "greenhouse eyes" and look at the beauty that surounds you at the greenhouse but don't forget to pick some heads of lettuce!

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  1. Yes, let's keep the 6 packs & 4 inch pots clean & readily available!! Please take a few minutes to do a little recycling when you visit. Everyone's help is needed!!